Your filter for Kansas City news #OurPitch. Story for us?
Geekvolution @geekvolution
Host of Superhero Rewind and The Captain Logan Show on YouTube! R...
Larry Ewart
Larry Ewart @larry-e-ewart
retired crop insurance executive
Waira @ItsWaira
I love music, sports, and everything nerdy
Caroline VanDeusen
Caroline VanDeusen @caroline-vandeusen
#VC | #womanintech | working mom 3X | @CenturionsKC
Jeff Rohr
Jeff Rohr @jeff
Chief Square Officer @SquareOffs. Welcome to The Opinion Network.
Mark Werner
Mark Werner @mark
If you're on your bike at night, please wear white
Rachel Clara Smith
Rachel Clara Smith @rikku
If you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were.

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