What's up everybody! My name is Corey, better known as the C-Man and I'm a movie/TV reviewer and reaction YouTuber! I started my review/reaction journey at the end of 2017 and now in 2021 I'm looking to enhance my content and interaction with my followers via Square Offs! So I hope you come along for this wild ride we call the Cinema Sitdown & I look forward to talking to everyone who comes and joins C-Maniac Nation! Head over to youtube.com/cinema_sitdown to become a full blown C-Maniac today!
Latterdaysaint @Latterdaysaint
A member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints
Everything Nerdy
Rachel Clara Smith
Rachel Clara Smith @rikku
If you go straight long enough you'll end up where you were.
Mark Werner
Mark Werner @mark
If you're on your bike at night, please wear white
Waira @ItsWaira
I love music, sports, and everything nerdy
Jeff Rohr
Jeff Rohr @jeff
Chief Square Officer @SquareOffs. Welcome to The Opinion Network.

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